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Lightweight | Ecofriendly | Versatile

Juco combines the tightly woven texture of a cotton bag with the robust durability characteristic of traditional jute bags. The outcome is a product that feels smooth to the touch while maintaining excellent strength and durability. Our Juco products exemplify quality and have established themselves as the preferred choice for  buyers.

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We, Sai Eswari Eco, are a prominent Juco Bag supplier based in Chennai. We have earned the reputation of being the preferred choice for buyers due to the high quality of our products. Juco, a blend of jute and cotton, is our material of choice. It distinguishes itself from pure jute by being less fibrous while matching its toughness and strength. These bags exhibit a superior finish compared to plain jute, thanks to the innovative technology used in their production.

Our Juco bags are naturally robust and long-lasting, benefitting from advanced lamination techniques that provide structure, waterproofing, and extended durability. Juco can be dyed to match various colors and can be printed using techniques such as silkscreen, process printing, transfer printing, and more. These bags are also popular for promotional purposes, as the fabric’s softness enhances the appearance of printed designs. We offer customized sizes to suit your specific needs.

Our success as a leading Juco Bag supplier in Chennai is attributed to our team of skilled experts. Juco bags are versatile and have proven to be reliable for long-term use. Juco, a relatively new and exciting material, combines the strength and natural qualities of jute with the texture of cotton, making it an excellent choice for bags. Juco bags capitalize on the best features of both materials, offering an eco-friendly, natural, and high-quality alternative that addresses some of the shortcomings of traditional jute bags.

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